File Reviews

File reviews are generally accepted as an essential part of any compliance management system. It is a core requirement for CQS and Lexcel accredited practices.

File reviews can be a logistical headache for busy firms and they can be one of the elements of the risk management procedures that are overlooked or do not receive the required priority. They can be time consuming and costly, diverting reviewers away from fee earning or other management responsibilities.

We offer a fixed and cost-effective file review service. We come to you so there are no concerns about placing client material at risk. The service does not include assessment of the legal advice provided but does assess compliance with SRA Regulations and sound risk management principles. We can also include a review of compliance with the SRA’s Accounts Rules, giving your COFA some comfort that Accounts Rules compliance on files is subject to regular review.

We can design a bespoke system for you subject to your requirements, the frequency and volume of reviews required.