Most firms do not have the training or prior experience to successfully navigate all the rules and regulations that apply. The regulatory bodies will never explain what they would see as a reasonable amount of time they would assume a firm would invest in their compliance management activities due to the variety of different firms they regulate.

However, there is a clear regulator expectation that you will identify and manage the risks facing the firm effectively and apply yourself to mitigating those risks. There are also the myriad of reporting requirements and competency demands placed on firms and individuals. This is before you take in to account any other statutory legislation applied to the operation of your firm and the demands of any accreditations that you may need to have.

A basic cost benefit analysis will help you to calculate the number of hours that you spend on compliance management throughout the firm, as opposed to fee earning or other essential activities. You may also be unsure about whether your interpretation of the regulatory requirements is reasonable and you may have a lack of certainty about your position.

This makes our specialist, expert and clearly budgeted solutions an astute option for you to consider. Our pricing structure is competitive and can be flexible to suit your circumstances.

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